Stunning landscapes and breathtaking beachscapes


Valtos Cottage is situated on the far west coast of the Isle of Lewis, the most northerly island of the Outer Hebrides.

Natural Environment
Uig and Bernera’s natural environment is rugged, peaceful and unspoiled. Small villages are dotted around a coastal landscape of breathtaking beauty. The fertile machair lands lining the west coast become a beautiful carpet of rare and colourful wild flowers in summer. Rock faces teem with sea birds and the seas are home to an abundance of life. Fresh water lochs are dotted across the area, a massive resource for fishermen and birds alike.

Aurora Borealis-The Northern Lights
The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights can be viewed quite regularly throughout the autumn, winter and spring in Uig and Bernera, where light pollution is at a minimum, and where the winds from the Atlantic keep the skies relatively clear.

Gleann Bhaltos
Gleann Bhaltos (Valtos Glen) is a striking example of a glacial meltwater channel which runs between the villages of Timsgearraidh in the west and Miabhaig in the east.

Uig Flora and Fauna
Near the Sgealasgro road end look out for Golden Eagles hunting over the nearby hills-they can sometimes be seen to the north of the road, but are often just a speck in the distance. If you walk a short distance out towards the hills to the south of the road there is a chance you may see red deer. Occasionally they are seen close to the road.